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Optical Engineering Solutions
for Optical Medical Devices

Optical design, engineering and product development outsourcing specialist
for innovative optical medical devices

From optical medical devices to laboratory and clinical instruments, our team provides you with the knowledge you need to build innovative, BioOptic and medical optic products. Our contract development services provide you with a competitive edge so you can get to market faster, reduce team and department conflicts, conserve precious capital, and streamline project management.

Our optical medical device phase-gate decision process is designed to engineer a wide range of BioOptics devices, from simple to complex:

  • Endoscopes
  • Optical sensors & instruments
  • Dental equipment
  • Electro-optical instruments
  • Fiber optic sensors & instruments
  • Raman & fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Medical video systems
  • Medical lasers
  • And more…

We focus on achieving our clients' fundable milestones. As you bring new products to market, you need them developed on-time, on-budget, and right-the-first-time. Optimum Technologies has the technical expertise and proven process knowledge that helps you meet these goals.

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Case History:
Digital Dental Scanner

A product to digitally record of dental anatomy and eliminate the need for physical dental impressions.

Optimum's Five Phase Design Control Process
optical surgery
All programs where medical devices are developed are conducted under OTI design control, whether new, or related to modifying an existing product, must comply with our five phase design control process.

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