Case Histories of Our Innovative Medical Device Solutions

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Medical Devices

Disposable Medical Optics for Cancer DetectionOptical Cancer Detection

Improved screening methodology during gynecological examinations



Video LaryngoscopeVideo Laryngoscope

The NEW Video Laryngoscope is a cost-effective, high quality, always-ready device to bring visualization to endotracheal intubations.



Digital Dental ScannerDigital Dental Scanner

A product to digitally record of dental anatomy and
eliminate the need for physical dental impressions.



Solea Dental LaserSolea Dental Laser

A startup company, Convergent Dental, is bringing the Solea laser – a revolutionary dental device to market. The Solea laser reduces the pain due to hard and soft tissue ablation and eliminates the pain and anxiety of dental procedures.



wireless foot controlWorld’s First Wireless Foot Control

Foot controllers that are easier to use, move, clean, and store by eliminating the wire that connected foot controllers to the devices that they control in operating rooms, emergency rooms, endoscopy suites, and dental offices.



bioarchive biological cryostorageBioArchive Biological Cryostorage System

Optical periscope for cryogenic specimen storage and retrieval, and to read specimen barcodes in the tank.  The set up and alignment of obsolescent optical and imaging components required many hours in production and could not be efficiently replaced in the field.



in-vivo flourescence-based sensorIn-Vivo Fluorescence-Based Sensor

A transcutaneous sensor for assessing a (confidential) vital function.




handheld retina cameraHandheld Retina Camera
A low-cost, handheld, battery-powered, Internet-enabled, non-mydriatic camera for screening for diabetic retinopathy and other retinal pathologies. With a sales price a fraction of that of tabletop retinal and fundus cameras, this is a new screening tool for practitioners with a need to “bring the medical device to the patient,” rather than “bringing the patient to the device.”


retinal-simulatorRetinal Simulator

Ophthalmic simulators that can present a range of anatomical variations and pathologies to students and professionals in training in ophthalmology and optometry.



wavefront abberometerWavefront Aberrometer
Non-contact, optical wavefront device to measure the refractive error of the human eye to enable an enlarged treatment zone for LASIK surgery.



28-100“LipiView” Tear Film Analyzer

A portable analyzer that can quantitatively assess the human tear film for the diagnosis of dry eye and other ocular syndromes.


pressure-sensing-catheterPressure Sensing Catheter
Fiberoptic, single-use disposable intracranial pressure sensing catheter that can be passed under the scalp for improved hygiene. Had to achieve very high signal to noise ratio at low cost.



gerdDevice for Treatment of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Minimally-invasive treatment for reflux disease that is less traumatic than current surgical practice (Nissen fundoplication) and more effective than drugs, including proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec.



optics-for-davinci-robotOptics for DaVinci Robot

A family of 3D endoscopes that meets the client’s need for state-of-the-art robotic imaging.



disposable-spine-endoscopeDisposable Spine Endoscope

Single-use, disposable, pyrogen-free operating endoscope for percutaneous discectomy (removal of nerve-impinging disc material through a tiny incision in the back).


thin prep imaging systemThin Prep Imaging System

Diffraction-limited imaging optics and LED illumination for Hologics’ Thin Prep automated PAP smear processing and reviewing system.



Optical Imaging System Re-EngineeringImaging System Re-Engineering

Re-engineering an obsolete camera with a new system while maintaining the existing operating software.


surveillance lens for defenseSurveillance Lens
A surveillance lens that can look through a tiny external aperture and achieve an extremely challenging performance specification.



objective lenses for video probesObjective Lenses for Video Probes
A family of objective lenses for a new 6.2mm flexible video probe for the inspection of jet engine turbines.