Contract Manufacturing is Now In-House

Our flexible, customizable contract manufacturing services can give you the competitive edge you need to get to market faster, avoid team and department misalignments, conserve precious capital, and streamline project management.

As we’ve been doing for more than two decades, the OTI team can help you develop, build, and successfully commercialize innovative medical optic products ranging from optical medical devices to laboratory and clinical instruments.

contract manufacturingNow, we are equipped for contract manufacturing and In-house production of medical device components and assemblies, particularly optical assemblies that may be at the core of your product. We offer certified (ISO 13485) contract manufacturing of medical device components and assemblies, particularly the optical assemblies that may be at the core of your product.

Here are some examples of the range of production we now offer:

  • Multi-element lenses
  • Illumination delivery systems
  • Optical benches
  • OCT subsystems
  • Spectroscopy engines
  • Optical scanners

We love product development, but the greatest satisfaction for you and for us is the successful commercialization of your product. So we will support you from the start of product development to the end of the product life cycle. This support includes:

  • comtract manuifacturingProduct life cycle planning
  • Supply chain development
  • Writing of manufacturing instructions
  • Training of production operators
  • Design and validation of inspection and production fixtures and equipment
  • Manufacturing scale-up planning and execution
  • Development and execution of process IQ’s, OQ’s, and PQ’s
  • Transfer of final product fabrication to your facility or to a contract manufacturer
  • Supervision of clinical and production runs
  • Sustaining engineering

The bottom line: We have the technical expertise and proven process knowledge that helps our clients achieve their fundable milestones—every time.