Outsourcing and Transfer to Manufacturing

At Optimum Technologies, manufacturing transfer is more than the normal documentation transfer from development to manufacturing. OTI supports you from the start of product development to the end of the product life.

medical optical device manufacturingThe Optimum Technologies process includes:

  • Product life cycle planning
  • Supply chain development
  • Process FMEA’s
  • Writing of manufacturing instructions
  • Training of production operators
  • Design and build of QC and production fixtures and equipment
  • On site supervision of initial clinical and production runs
  • Manufacturing scale up plan and execution
  • Sustaining engineering

Outsourcing the manufacturing expertise is as critical as the optics in your medical product. Your successful commercialization is important to us so we make your transfer to manufacturing seemless. Our manufacturing partners look forward to our complete plan and follow through to the manufacturing phase.

As we’ve been doing for more than two decades, the OTI team can help you develop, build, and successfully commercialize innovative medical optic products ranging from optical medical devices to laboratory and clinical instruments.

Now, we are equipped for contract manufacturing and In-house production of medical device components and assemblies, particularly optical assemblies that may be at the core of your product.