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Report from MD&M New York 2016
What’s HOT? 3D Scanning

Click the video to hear
Randal Chinnock explore the
show floor at MD&M East
and discuss the Newest Advances in 3D Scanning.


Reports from MD&M New York 2015 –
Disposable Medical Optics Blowback

disposable optics blowback - MD&M East 2015

video arrowCheck out OTI’s newest video, where Randal discusses the current use of disposable medical optics.

What was hot at MD&M East 2015 in New York –
randal chinnock - medical optics manufacturing

video arrow Check out OTI’s newest video, where Randal trolls the halls of MD&M East investigating these impressive new capabilities.

Presentation at MDG Boston Forum
Optical Cancer Detection:

20 years of Lessons Learned and 20 Years Of Future Promise

Speaker: Randal Chinnock, CEO Optimum Technologies

Strategies in Biophotonics – September 2014
Disposable Medical Optics Presentation

randal chinnock biophotonics

video arrow View discussion of Disposable Medical Optics vs Reusable Optical Medical Devices
Report from MD&M East 2014
Update on how digital prototyping is accelerating Rapid Product Development

Faster to Market – RPD
Optical Medical Devices

rapid product development

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Press Release

disposable medical optics
Disposable Medical Optics Feature Custom Camera Imaging Platforms