Optimum Technologies Patents

Utility Patents

The following is a partial list of patents invented or co-invented by OTI employees. This list is provided to illustrate out team’s creative output.

Publication No. Title
US 7,867,773 B2 Method of Holding a Slide Cassette for Fluidic Injection
US 7,518,722 B2 Multi-Channel, Multi-Spectrum Imaging Spectrometer
US 7,448,753 B1 Portable Digital Medical Camera for Capturing Images of the Retina or the External Auditory Canal, and Methods of Use
US 7,217,126 B2 Dental Instrument Sharpening Stone System
US 7,187,442 B2 Polarized Optical Probes
US 7,156,863 B2 Fundoplication Apparatus and Method
US 7,130,047 B2 Method of Producing Polarizers for Polarized Optical Probes
US 6,997,871 B2 Multiple View Endoscopes
US 6,846,680 B2 Liquid Handling System with Automatically Interchangeable Cannula Array
US 6,835,200 B2 Method and Devices for Tissue Reconfiguration
US 6,821,285 B2 Tissue Reconfiguration
US 6,773,677 B2 Slide Cassette for Fluidic Injection
US 6,750,039 B1 Filtration Apparatus and Method for the Separation of Microscopic Entities from a Fluid
US 6,060,708 Corona Generating Device with Unitary Removable Shield
US 5,223,133 Multi-Filter Analytical Apparatus
US 5,056,902 Magnetically Coupled Lens
US 4,969,450 Videoarthroscope with One-Handed Control
US 4,859,611 Affinity Column and Process for Detection of Low Molecular Weight Toxic Substances
US 4,772,128 Fiber Optic Imaging System for On-Line Monitorin

Design Patents

Publication No. Title
US D533,658 S Misting Device
US D453,964 S Sheath for Cervical Optical Probe
US D453,963 S Sheath for Cervical Optical Probe
US D453,962 S Sheath for Cervical Optical Probe
US D453,832 S Sheath for Cervical Optical Probe